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MLK is a financial services company. Some of the core activities of the company are diversified into Financial Services, Wealth Management and Accounting BPO. The company has made strides in the field of finance and its related services.

The company has its headquarter in New Delhi with an Overseas Office in New York. With a consistent expansion on its mind, the company has evolved plans to a diversified portfolio to serve an ever growing needs of the finance sector.

MLK is a professionally managed company, led by a team of level headed personnel with outstanding managerial acumen. Our services ranges from Corporate Finance, Fund Raising, Investor Relations, Management Consultancy ,I.P.O Management, Loan Syndication, Working Capital Credit to setting up a BPO for accounting outsourcing.

Our strength lies with our human recourse in the form of experienced professional comprising of MBAs, CAs, CS, Financial Analysts, Financial Planners, Investment Experts, Law Graduates with a level of commitment to serve the industry better.

  • To strive and be the pioneer in the financial services actor by innovation in terms of trust.

Our Aim:
  • To serve the clients with integrity and try and exceed their expectations to build an enduring relationship.

  • To deliver quality of service with knowledge, innovation along with the use of latest technology.

  • To always give honest and unbiased financial advice with everlasting trust.

  • To the power team and work as a family and build on a professional and dedicated organisation.

Our Strengths:

  • Expert Investment Advisors and Financial Planners

  • Satisfied clientele          

  • Personalised management advice

  • Strong team of qualified and experienced professionals including CAs, MBAs, CSs, Legal experts and others.

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