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Over these years, outsourcing has changed from mere a cost control mechanism to a tactical strategy that can help a company to improve its market position and beat competition.

The increased complexity and volatile nature of business environment has enforced companies to analyze their strategies, resources and competencies and to outsource their back end processes and concentrate on their more valuable and specialized areas of business. This approach enables the companies to properly cope with changing market dynamics and ever increasing competition.

Therefore, India, because of its immense IT competent work force and Cost Effective but International Standards of work output is the choicest hub of Legal Outsourcing all over the globe.

Thus, keeping in view the changing environment along with maintaining its standards of serving clients better, Madan Lal Khanna & Co. has ventured into the domain of Legal Process Outsourcing Knowledge Process Outsourcing which includes. Research/Drafting/Transcription/Coding etc

We do following work exclusively for lawyers:

Lawyers send their recorded voice dictations. We transcribe them, type them and send back with utmost accuracy.

Other Services provided to them are-

Data Entry for lawyers /Translation of documents/Conversion of Scanned documents to typed form.

We also do 'Knowledge Process Outsourcing' like: Research Work, Drafting complaints/conveyances/Contracts/deeds etc.

What Lawyers gain during the entire process is Cost reduction ,Overnight work and they have enough time to concentrate on other important issues.



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